Can you solve all 30 levels?
Try to fill all the tiles and finish on the green mark to complete a level.

This is a mobile-friendly version of Get It Filled.

Use the mouse or keyboard to control the player.
Specific keyboard controls:

  • Arrow keys (or WASD): move the player
  • Arrow keys + Shift: keep moving
  • Spacebar: undo one step
  • R: restart the level
  • M: toggle music
  • K: toggle sounds
  • O: go to previous level
  • P: go to next level

TagsCasual, Minimalist
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


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Hello mate, I think I found a bug... If you have multiple purple squares next to each other, you can circulate between them as much as you want (make loops), but then you can't complete the level.

Hi! That's actually not a bug. The reason the level on your image is not completed according to the game, is because you have to cross each purple square twice (only going underneath is not enough).

I see... I think that's a clever mechanic, but I think it may be nice to have it better explained. Anyway, great job with the game!